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Sea Horse

Sea horse

Sea horses are included in the types of fish, and breathe with gills.
Their size varies from about 4 to 30 centimeters (1.6 to 11.8 inches) and they usually live along the shore, among seaweed and other plants. A kind of bone armor to protect them from any kind of danger. This armor is so strong that you can not destroy the sea horse is already dead and dried up with only using your hands.

Seahorses never swim away from the reef, because to get away from danger. He was often silent and tethered tail on the reefs or crack rocks. Favorite food of sea horse is a small shrimp. Usually only swim slowly in a standing position. Seahorses have a unique eye. Each sea horse's eyes can see two different bodies at the same time. Her body was beautiful, colorful (red, yellow, green, and black), but can change according to the extent of sunlight shining on her body, or depending on the state of his own body.

How to swim the sea horse is also influenced by a very special system. Sea horse moves up and down in the water by way of changing the content of the air in the bag swimsuit. If these damaged swim bladders and lose a little air, sea horses sink to the seabed. Accidents that cause death in such a sea horse. Here, there is a very important thing that should not be missed. The amount of air in the swim bladders has been defined very carefully.

That's why changes are very thin can lead to death of the creature. This delicate balance shows something very important. Seahorses can survive only if the balance is maintained. In other words, sea horses can survive because it has been equipped with this system when first appeared in the world. This situation shows us that sea horses would not be possible to obtain their characteristics over time, ie, sea horse is not a product of evolution as claimed by evolutionists.

Seahorses are the only animal in the world where the type jantannyalah who are pregnant. But that does not mean that males that produce eggs. However, eggs are still produced by the female. But saved by a male in his stomach to be fertilized and maintained between 10 days to 6 weeks until the eggs hatch. Then the sea horse was born his father, in another sense the eggs produced by mothers seahorse pouch was transferred to the father about three week of the eggs by the hundreds of sea horses will stay in the belly of the father.

In the third week of sea horses one by one tiny sea-horses would be born and grow up to be sea-horse sea horse is beautiful. Male Sea Horse takes about 30 minutes to give birth to her children. In the very birth, to reach number 15 to a thousand tails, depending on its type.
Sea Horse has 50 different species in the world. After releasing the Sea Horse Sea Horse-small, males will soon be ready to save the eggs again. Seahorse babies look very similar to its parent, except in size. And more interestingly, they will be able to feed itself after other dilahirkan.Keunikan, sea horse is a faithful partner. Most species of seahorses known a lively pair semati. They will only mate with their partner. Halini is something that rarely happens in the world

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